Monday, July 1, 2013

A New And Clever Way To Secure Files On Your Mac (lock and unlock with ease)

TokenLockWhen it comes to securing files on your Mac, think of these well known phrases.

First up, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ Thieves can be persistent, right? Second is Murphy’s Law, ‘Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.’ Even your best efforts at security will have a hole. Finally, ‘Only the paranoid survive.’

When it comes to securing files on your Mac from prying eyes you can probably never be too careful. In addition to encryption tools, usernames with secure passwords, and other devices, here’s an inexpensive one to add to your list of options to massage your paranoia. It’s called TokenLock, an inexpensive utility which locks down your Mac (and, conversely, use it to unlock your Mac).

What it does is somewhat unique among security apps. Remove a USB device and TokenLock locks your Mac. Remove a Bluetooth device and the Mac gets locked. Or, lock the Mac with a specific hotkey, a click, or even Apple’s InfraRed Remote Control.

One more thing. TokenLock will lock your Mac when a connected Bluetooth device reaches a specific minimum signal strength. That’s the feature that caught my eye. Pair TokenLock on your Mac to Bluetooth on your iPhone. Get up from the Mac and walk away. As the signal strength fades, TokenLock will lock your Mac automatically based on the proximity of your iPhone. How cool is that?

The manual for TokenLock is surprisingly detailed, especially so considering the nominal price tag. There are lots of options. A Mac user should never have a single way of protecting files, so add this one to your arsenal and have it do the deed automatically.