Friday, February 1, 2013

What’s The Better Way To View And Switch To Open Apps? A Cute App Apple Should Buy

DockViewFor most Mac users the Dock works just fine as an application launcher.

Dock icons can be magnified in case your Dock is crowded with apps, but otherwise it’s easy to use and functions well.

Mac power users can even hide the Dock out of view. Other than launching apps, what does the Dock do? It’s something of a switcher, making it easy to move from one app to another with a click.

What the Dock does not do is tell you much. Roll the onscreen pointer over a Dock icon and about the best you can hope for is the app’s name. Right-click on the icon in the Dock and you might get a few options.

If you want more, try using DockView instead. This cute little Mac app is one that Apple should buy and incorporate into OS X’s Dock.

If your Mac’s screen becomes cluttered with too many open apps, each of which have a few open windows, then finding a specific file can be a click, click, click challenge. DockView ends that with a simple preview of each app.


Click on the DockView image above to view a larger, pop up view of the DockView previews.

Simply hover the screen pointer (mouse or trackpad) over the icon in the Dock. DockView pops up and displays the open window and gives you keyboard shortcuts to open the one you want.

It doesn’t stop there, though, within the app’s Dock icon you’ll see a colorful badge which indicates the number of windows that app has open.

Click on a preview to activate that window. Or, close windows. Or, use DockView to control certain Mac apps such as iTunes, Calendar, Mail and more.

DockView is handy, clever, useful, and inexpensive. Do you need DockView? Only if clutter on the screen makes it an extra effort to find a specific app, and bring a specific app window to the front.

I call it useful eye candy.