The Monster Calculator From Yesteryear Is Here Today And Ready For The Mac

12C CalculatorThe Mincey household is home to more gadgets than we care to admit, including a drawer full of old calculators.

We have a collection, and one day way off in the future they could be worth a lot of money.

Grandpa, how did people calculate numbers back in your day?‘ That kind of thing. For every calculator we have in the family room desk drawer, we have at least as many on each Mac.

Maybe there’s something in the Mincey genes that requires numbers to be calculated. Whatever it is, the more functionality the better. Easily the most expensive calculator in our digital group is the 12C Financial Calculator. This is the kind of calculator that very smart people in a bank might use. Or, smart people who trade other people’s money and get rich themselves.

If there’s something 12C doesn’t do, I don’t know what it is. Start with options for cash flow analysis, amortization, bonds, statistical analysis, NPV, IRR, and TVM.

12C Financial Calculator

It even looks more like a real calculator (the kind that gets lost in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen), and more so than most Mac digital calculators.

12C Financial Calculator

Use 12C to calculate depreciation, monthly payments, interest, and pretty much anything else to do with money.

12C also does RPN and is completely programmable down to the keys.

12C Financial Calculator

Settings can be saved or restored, and there’s options for audible key clicks, switching between U.S. and EU data formats for decimals, and, the all important keyboard shortcuts.

To be honest, I seldom use 12C Financial Calculator because it’s plenty to learn, but Jesse is into it big time (and she handles Mincey money).