If Your Time Is Money Then You Need This Clever, Useful, Affordable Mac Timer App

Desktop Task TimerDespite the need to stop and smell the roses, the adage ‘time is money’ might be just what you need to make enough money so you’ll have more time to smell the roses. Or, something like that.

Regardless, Mac users have more than enough choices when it comes to todo apps, task management apps, and timer apps. There are fewer that give you the option to time specific tasks. If time is money to you then take a look at Desktop Task Timer, a cleverly useful Mac app that, well, for lack of a better description, times your tasks.

Is that a good thing? If you need to become more productive, or time devoted to a task or project gets you paid, then Desktop Task Timer is a worthy addition to your Mac.

The problem I’ve encountered with most timer apps is the inability to tie in a task to a project, and to get a quick running look at multiple tasks, total time, and, importantly, how that translates into money.

Take a look at this. Instant gratification.

Desktop Task Timer

One glance gives you a list of current projects, time assigned to each, and the total billable amount up to the last timing.

That’s an incredibly useful screen.

Desktop Task Timer can be setup with task groups for specific clients, billable amount per hour, and an option to export tracked data (good for an invoicing app, or spreadsheet).

Desktop Task Timer

Enter a new task and hit the Start button to let the time tracking begin. There’s a built-in timeout function so the timer doesn’t run forever.

Tasks can be synchronized over Dropbox or a shared folder for use on multiple Macs. Switching from one task to another requires only a click, and the whole shebang is managed with a click to the Mac’s Menubar.

At task timer apps go, this one is remarkably affordable, and very good for anyone who needs to time tasks for payment, or just to see how much your time is worth while you work.

The only negative is that there’s no option to track time on a task or project where the payment is made per project instead of per hour.