I Am My Father’s Son And My Mac Has A Collection Of Pinups From The PinUpGirls App

PinUpGirlsMy father was a veteran of World War II. As was the case with many American G.I.’s of that era, he had a collection of pinup calendars.

Back during the war it was the pinup girl that inspired the troops to carry on, and dream of days ahead when they could return home and carry on some more. Pinup girls are a distinctly American art form and photos and calendars from that era are revered and valued.

Imagine my pleased surprise to find a pinup girls app for the Mac. PinUpGirls costs a few bucks but brings back the classy look of pinup girls from decades ago.

A clever Mac app developer by the name of Norberto Bizzari has collected a variety of classic pinups and made them available as a Mac app (he also has a PinUpPoker app for the iPhone; and we Mincey men love poker).


The pinups are replicas from calendars and photos of the 1940s through the mid-1960s, and reminiscent of pinups by Alberto Vargas.


The pinup images can also be used to create a slideshow on your Mac. Built-in controls give you options for exposure, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, and more.

And, the pinups are suitable for Desktop wallpaper, a calendar, or simply as a looping slideshow.


The pinups are tastefully done. Just the fact that Apple allowed PinUpGirls into the Mac App Store should tell you something. While PinUpGirls may not be appropriate for a Desktop wallpaper image on your Mac at work, they do bring back the glamor of a bye gone era.