How To Put Your iPhone Or iPad’s Live Screen Directly Onto Your Mac’s Screen

AirServerIt doesn’t take much effort to fall in love with AirPlay.

In case you haven’t heard about it, AirPlay is Apple’s streaming screen technology which lets you put your iPhone or iPad’s screen onto your television (through Apple TV). It works great and quickly turns an iPhone into a large widescreen TV gaming experience.

Whatever you see on the iPhone or iPad’s screen can be seen on your television screen.

AirServer is the Mac app that takes AirPlay back to the Mac. Install AirServer and use AirPlay to take whatever is showing on your iPhone and iPad direct to the Mac’s screen.

Think about the possibilities. Instead of the small iPhone or iPad screen, use the Mac’s larger screen for games, videos, TV shows, and more. Games? Yep. If they play on AirPlay, the games can play on your Mac’s screen with AirServer.

Here’s what AirServer would look like with an iPhone’s screen on the Mac.

AirServer Mac and iPhone

There’s not much to AirServer. Install it on your Mac. Then, use the AirPlay option on your iPhone or iPad to stream the iDevice’s screen to the Mac’s screen.

It’s easy to stream YouTube videos, a photo slideshow, a TV show, or simply mirror what’s on your iPhone or iPad to the Mac’s screen.

AirServer is powerful enough to use the Mac’s screen as a dual play gaming machine for multiple players.

Now, get this. AirServer displays the iPhone or iPad screen on the Mac, and the Mac can record a movie of what’s on the screen. Play a game and get a video history of what was displayed on the Mac’s screen.

This sheds a whole new light on multiplayer games and video recording. You don’t even need an Apple TV since the streaming goes direct from the iPhone or iPad to the Mac (you’ll need a local Wi-Fi network, of course).