How Much Disk Space Is Left On Your Mac? Here’s How To Get Your Mac To Tell You

Disk AlarmConsidering all that’s going on under the hood of your Mac, isn’t it surprising that we don’t get more notification when something we don’t want to happen is about to happen?

Hey, Apple has a new Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion, so why can’t my Mac tell me when it’s about to run out of disk space?

Actually, this has happened a few times on my MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, but not that I can recall on the family desktop iMac. There’s something to be said for multi-terabyte storage.

Alas, the MacBook Air scrimps on storage, and it’s become a constant battle to make sure I’m not using so much of the disk that the Mac doesn’t work well.

I’ve added a few Menubar disk space checker apps but they don’t issue warnings. I have to check manually.

That’s what makes Disk Alarm a pretty good investment. It checks your disk for space, and issues an alarm or alert when space reaches a specific threshold.

Disk Alarm

Add as many connected storage devices to Disk Alarm as you need. Set the total free space for each ones from the Menubar pop down.

When used storage reaches a certain level, Disk Alarm sends an email message; an alert telling you ahead of time that there might be a problem.

Disk Alarm

That means Disk Alarm works well with externally connected USB and FireWire storage, including Network volumes, and Time Capsule.

Simple. Elegant. And inexpensive. Now, if it only checked the disk’s S.M.A.R.T. status it would be perfect.