This Mac App Of The Past Is The App Of The Future But The App Is Here Now

OutlineRemember all those things we were taught in school but never expected to use ever again as adults?

Unfortunately, they all come back to haunt us.

As a student, I hated outlines. There were too many rules to remember and I didn’t know a single adult who used an outline for anything. That was then and this is now and adulthood isn’t anything like I thought it would be. People actually use outlines, and they’re better than ever.

My newfound outlining friend is Cloud Outliner for the Mac (as well as iPhone and iPad). From the app’s name you can figure out where this is going, right?

Outline apps were popular on the Mac back in the 20th century, but are even more useful and used today. And, as a sign of the future of applications, Cloud Outliner uses the cloud to store files, and syncs files between Mac, iPhone and iPad. That’s not just the future. It’s here now.

Cloud Outliner

As outliners go, Cloud Outliner doesn’t blaze much new territory. Outlines collapse and expand as expected. It works in fullscreen mode so visual focus is a priority (outlines can get complex).

Outlines can be saved as a PDF file or printed, or exported (and import) as standard OPML files.

Cloud Outliner

Where Cloud Outliner excels is synchronization between devices, including built-in Evernote sync. That alone is worth the price of admission.

If you have a Mac and iPhone and iPad then you’re in luck. Cloud Outliner keeps your outlines saved, backed up, and synchronized between devices.

Change an entry or modify the outline on the Mac and changes show up on the iPhone.

Again, Cloud Outliner doesn’t have a new way of doing outlines (I kind of like the horizontal feature in some outliners), so the learning curve is very brief, but usefulness is immediate.