Got Questions About Apple’s Time Machine? Here’s The App With A Few Good Answers

BackupLoupeWhat’s is there that’s not to like about Apple’s Time Machine? It’s free.

Add an external disk drive with sufficient free storage, and you get a decent backup of critical files which are usually easy to find. Except when something in Time Machine goes wonky, and then Apple’s famed ease-of-use draws a blank and getting answers to a few questions becomes an exercise in futility.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, and there is an app for that.

So, what kinds of questions often roll through the mind of skeptical Mac users who rely on Time Machine? Here’s a few to consider.

  • Why is Time Machine so slow?
  • Why is my Time Machine drive already full?
  • Which files are actually being backed up?
  • Has a particular file/folder been backed up at all?
  • How many revisions of a file/folder exist in Time Machine?
  • A file/folder was deleted accidentally. When did this happen and where is the latest backup?
  • Is my backup drive big enough? Should I consider buying a larger one? And if yes, when?

If you’ve given thought to any one of those questions, consider adding BackupLoupe to your Mac. The price tag isn’t much more than a latte, but you’ll become more knowledgable about Time Machine and more comfortable with what it does.

The name BackupLoupe indicates a way to view Time Machine up close, as if using a magnifying glass. That’s what it does.


BackupLoupe appears Finder-like so it’s easy to navigate through your Time Machine files. Quickly see which files take up the most space. Check out the number of versions of backed up files exist.

Files can be moved and restored with a simple drag and drop. QuickLook is supported so simply select a file and press the spacebar to view. Files can be opened without restoring them (this alone is worth the money).

BackupLoupe is smart enough to handle multiple Time Machine backups, backups in non-standard locations, and has a ‘find’ function which works even when the Mac isn’t connected to the backup.

See why this is worthwhile? Why doesn’t Apple put these functions into Time Machine? Apple is all about ease of use, and letting you explore your own files while they’re backed up probably opens a Pandora’s box that goes beyond what Apple wants for customers.

Don’t be afraid of the box. What’s inside is yours.