You Can’t Do Anything About The Weather But You Can Watch It Better On Your Mac

Living Weather HDOne thing is for sure about living in the South. The weather is usually mild. Except when it’s not.

They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing. Hot and muggy in the summer, and enough change to be surprising in the winter. Here’s a way to keep the surprise out of the equation.

Living Weather HD is an idea whose time has come, but just isn’t quite here yet. The premise is solid. A video on your Mac of weather to match your location’s weather conditions.

Living Weather displays weather conditions and forecasts, either on the Desktop or as a screensaver, or, simply as random weather scenes (and in the Dock). The videos are 720p HD resolution.

Living Weather HD

There are plenty of settings so Living Weather can be customized a bit. Forecasts and conditions are updated every hour.

Select the location by airport code, address, or automatically.

Living Weather HD Controls

What you get is what you think you get. Weather images to match your weather conditions at the moment (or, a few moments later). Clouds for rain. Sunset for the end of the day. Storm clouds and sunny skies, and so on.

What would be really, really cool is a way to get an actual photo or stream video of actual weather in your area (lots of webcams out there these days).