Friday, December 21, 2012

Worried About Wi-Fi Security On Your Mac? Use A VPN Shield To Protect Your Mac

VPN ShieldAs an experienced Mac user and system administrator I can tell you that you don’t want to know how many hackers are trying to attack your Mac when it’s connected to the internet.

iPhone and iPad users are finding VPN (virtual private networks) apps help protect their devices when using someone else’s Wi-Fi network. Similar apps are available for Mac users on the go, including VPNOneClickPro.

Instead of using the Wi-Fi at school, or the office, or at Starbucks (or, the Apple Store), which may not be secure, VpnOneClickPro lets you connect to a secure, virtual private server from your Mac to the internet, through whatever Wi-Fi or internet connection you’re using.

Someone on the local Wi-Fi network, or on your home or office network, won’t be able to break through the VPN connection while you’re online. VPN services like this one manage servers scattered all over the world, so, when you login to use the VPN your connection is protected from your Mac to the VPN server.

VpnOneClickPro is free, but you’ll need to subscribe for a period of time (rates for VPN networks usually start at a few dollars a month, and go down per month if you have a longer subscription).

Plenty of these VPN services exist for iPhone and iPad and Windows PCs, including HotspotShield, which has a free, advertiser supported version for Mac users. Or, the popular VPN Shield.

VPNs are good for travelers, or anyone using a publicly accessed Wi-Fi network. The only problem I’ve run into with any of them is that some of their VPN servers tend to be very busy at certain times of the day. Other than that, they provide another layer of protection against the multitudes who want to get into your Mac.