Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where Did Those Files Go? Use The Blast App On Your Mac To Find Out

BlastWe Mac users have plenty in common. We love using the Mac. And we all lose files from time to time. Even when the file may not be deleted, sometimes we simply can’t find it, even though we just used the file. Enter Blast, a new way to manage frequently used files on your Mac so you don’t have to worry about where a file was saved. It’s a bit like the Frequent Items menu in OS X but with features that make it useful all the time, in every application.

Open, use, and save files as you normally would. Blast keeps track of the files and where they are. Instead of digging through the Finder, use Blast to find the file with a click to the Menubar.


All of your most recently used files are wherever you saved them, of course, but they’re tracked by Blast.

Have you ever lost an email attachment because you couldn’t remember where it was saved? Blast knows. Once click displays a list of what’s been used recently, and which apps.

Click to use the file, or click to find it in the Finder. The handy sidebar makes it easy to setup favorites which are even faster to find. Files can be previewed with QuickLook from the drop down menu, and sent to Evernote for online storage.

There’s not much to not like about this inexpensive app. Blast saves you time and gives you more confidence that files won’t disappear. What it needs to help justify the price tag is an option to password protect access to recently used files.