What’s Missing In iPhone Contacts? The Mac App That Gives It iPhoto Faces

Ensoul ContactsWho doesn’t use or appreciate Contacts on Mac, iPhone, or iPad? What’s missing?

HD photos for everyone in Contacts. It’s a royal pain in the neck and other places, not to mention the tedium, to dig into iPhoto and find the best faces to attach to each Contact.

So, let Ensoul Contacts do the work. This clever and inexpensive Mac app can automatically match faces from your Mac to iPhone’s Contacts.

Images are synchronized via iCloud. Ensoul also gives you editing tools that import photos from iPhoto, Aperture, and even Photo Booth to match up with contacts.

The secret is Faces in iPhoto, so you will need to make sure you’ve used the facial recognition to find photos.

Ensoul Contacts

Images can be cropped, rotated, and even receive color enhancements using over a dozen built-in filters.

In the end, your iPhone gets the highest quality photos for each contact in Contacts, which means when they call or you call you get the best image possible.

Ensoul Contacts iPhone

As automated as the process is, there’s still some effort on your part. Make sure your iPhoto photos have Faces enabled and the people you have in Contacts also have matching photos.

After that, it’s still a one-by-one exercise for each contact, but the results speak for themselves.

Better contact photos for Mac and iPhone and iPad.