Use A Mac App To Help You Breathe Better, Relax More, And Improve Your Health

Breathing ZoneWhat’s easier than breathing? It’s so easy we don’t even think about it. Until we’ve exercised a little too much, and breathing becomes more difficult.

In between not thinking about breathing and being worried about being out of breath, is a little Nirvana place called the Breathing Zone. It’s a guided breathing exercise that’s guided by the Breathing Zone app.

When you consciously, deliberately breath correctly, stress can be reduced, mood improves, and you can become more relaxed yet more energized.

Wait. That’s just so much hokum, right? Remarkably, using Breathing Zone on my Mac at the end of a tough day seems to work (a cold beer or a martini has similar effects).

Breathing Zone Guid

Follow the app’s onscreen guide which includes voice instructions. It comes with calming sounds and sessions are timed from five minutes to 30 minutes.

Just listen, relax, and breathe according to the guide.

Breathing Zone tracks your breathing minutes over time, which can help to reduce stress, and blood pressure. All you’re doing is breathing in sync with the expanding, contracting image on the Mac’s screen.

It took me a week of daily attempts to realize I’d been trying to relax the wrong way. It’s an interestingly useful app that doesn’t cost much and just might make tomorrow a better day.