Prove You’re A True Blue Mac Geek With The Geekiest Countdown Timer Ever

Counterdown Timer GadgetWhat separates a Mac power user, a certified Mac geek from the rest of the great masses of Mac users? Utilities. We Mac geeks collect utilities that often do only one thing (or, conversely, a utility that does everything, ala the Swiss Army Knife).

At least half a dozen timers grace my Mac’s Applications folder, including the most futuristic countdown timer of them all. Countdown Timer Gadget. A mere 99-cents brings you into heady company with a useful timer with multiple skins and animation eye candy.

Take a look at the black Tech Black skin.

Countdown Timer Gadget - Tech Black

Here’s a skin that’s a bit more feminine.

Countdown Timer Gadget Default Skin

This is the Funky skin.

Countdown Timer Gadget Funky Skin

Alright, Countdown Timer Gadget is all funky and futuristically geeky in appearance. But it also works as a timer with specific actions. Set a timer to countdown, then play a sound, show a message, open iTunes, and more.

This timer can float anyone on the Mac’s screen so you get the maximum visual impact. Sorry, it doesn’t come with a Geek Certification Card, but it’s priced like a true eye candy app should be.