If You Could Have Only One Mac Backup And File Sync App, This Is The One To Choose

ChronoSyncWhen it comes to backup up a Mac, synchronizing files from Mac to Mac, or syncing files over a network, I tend to rely on the tried and true apps that just do the job and don’t cause me any undue grief.

Most of the time I use SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner to handle Mac backup clones. Both just work.

But if I had to choose a single backup and sync utility– just one; not two– I would move ChronoSync to the top of my list.

Like the aforementioned backup apps, ChronoSync does bootable backups, but setting it up is more complicated. Where it shines is synchronizing files– Mac to Mac, Mac to external storage, Mac across a network to remote storage– in a truly set it and forget it method.

ChronoSync connects to just about anything– USB and FireWire storage, NAS drives, flash drives, Windows or Linux PCs, including another Mac across the internet.

File sync settings are extensive (and intimidating) but also rock solid dependable. That means the files you want to be synced from here to there are fully synchronized, meta data and all.

Among the laundry list of added functions is the option to archive files on the remote or connected device that don’t match what you’re trying to sync. That way you never lose a file to a mismanaged backup.

Probably the most underrated feature is ChronoSync’s built-in scheduler. It sits in the Mac’s Menubar and when the appropriate time arrives, it begins the backup procedures, whether to a connected disk, another Mac, a remote Mac, or NAS storage. It can be setup to send you an email notification.

If all you can afford is a single Mac app to do backups, Mac clones, Mac to Mac file sync, and remote Mac archive and sync, try ChronoSync. I’ve used it for almost 10 at home and in business and it just doesn’t fail.

The only issue most Mac users will have is the amount of time to learn all of what ChronoSync does. SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner are rather simple in comparison. The learning curve and the inherent stability and dependability make this more of a professional tool.