Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Am, Therefore, I Am A Mac User (and a couch potato who needs iMuscle)

iMuscleWe Mincey men have something in common that dates back generations. No, it’s not that we’re all Mac users (most of us).

I could say we’re all handsome Southern gentlemen, but my wife would say I’m only half right. No, Mincey folk are men of girth. I prefer to say that we simply have a pneumatic covering over our muscled frame.

To put it simply, and because I needed to, I’ve been working out the past year using iMuscle— an app I bought for my iPhone last year, for which there is now a Mac version.

iMuscle is used to workout and identifies specific muscle groups in a 3D human body with visible muscles.

Swipe and the body area moves in a 360-degree rotation. In fact, there are hundreds of high quality 3D animated exercises and stretched which are easy to follow.

iMuscle for Mac

The iPhone version of iMuscle is quite similar, but a few dollars less. You get the same muscle images and rotation options which you can tie to specific exercises.

iMuscle for iPhone

You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to use iMuscle, either. Search for specific muscle groups or exercises, each with hints and tips, though you can still create a custom workout.

What’s interesting about iMuscle is the mental focus. Once you see which muscles are where, and which exercises help to develop those muscles, your focus changes– it’s no longer a chore to exercise. It’s fun.

Well done. Intriguing. And the few dollars it costs are worth more than any diet cola or salad you’ll have for lunch.