Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Use Your Mac To Write And Take Notes Like It’s 1982 (pre Mac apps)

BlinkyMy day job is devoted to making the keyboard sing the right tune as I bounce from computer to computer to user to user. Needless to say, I’ve been typing and writing for a few decades.

That’s long enough to know what a computer screen looked like prior to the Mac in 1984 (which was black and white and shades of gray). It wasn’t pretty. Here’s how to relive those glorious word processing days of yesteryear (remember Wang and WordStar?) with Blinky, the retro text editor which takes Mac users back about 30 years to before the Mac.

Look familiar? If it does, then you’re older than you think.


Blinky faithfully replicates those computer screens– green text on black background– we loved so well.

It even includes analog effects such as static, horizontal sync, jitter and glowing halos, all wrapped up in multiple themes.

More Blinky

Blinky is remarkably life like (if you think that typing green text on a black screen was a life). It comes with sound effects, pixel burn in, glass reflection, 12 vintage fonts, and any image you drop in gets converted to text art.

Yes, boys and girls, this is what life was like back in the day. It wasn’t pretty, and Blinky captures all of it.