Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How Do You Find The Right Mac Accounting App? Colorful Logo And Low Price

Easy Accounting PilotThere’s a reason why Angie’s List and Yelp are so popular. Mostly unbiased reviews on services. I say mostly because we all have our built-in biases, but after reading a few dozen reviews that say this is good, or that is really bad, you get the idea which way to go.

Despite my inherited logic gene, there are times when I’m all to willing to try something new based upon non-logical criteria. That’s how I came across Easy Accounting Pilot. It’s a Mac app that tracks your income and expenses in a very simple spreadsheet-like interface.

Why bother with yet another Mac app that manages your money? Easy Accounting Pilot is, well, easy. Plus, it has a colorful logo and a very low price. See what I mean about non-logical criteria?

Still, the app is useful if you don’t need all the Quicken or iBank bells and whistles and keeping more of your money while you count it is higher on your list than mine.

See? Spreadsheet-like.

Easy Accounting Pilot

Easy Accounting Pilot comes with a few dozen pre-defined income and expense categories. Click to enter data, assign a category, repeat, and rinse.

Easy Accounting Pilot

Other than CheckBook Pro, there’s probably not an easier way to track income and expenses on your Mac. A few of the open source and free Mac money apps have more features, but are more complicated, too.

Simple and painless. The low price and colorful icon are just bonuses.