How An App Makes Your Mac Faster And Makes Your Battery Last Longer

AppriorityIt’s good to see Apple finally move into the 21st century and start to ship Macs with a sufficient amount of RAM.

Memory is a critical factor in app performance and the latest Macs have at least 4GB of RAM, and the new iMacs start with 8GB.

More RAM is good, right? But what if your Mac isn’t easily upgradable to more RAM? And doesn’t more RAM suck up more battery juice on the MacBook? As to the former, there’s Appriority, a Mac utility app which suspends and resumes apps as you switch back and forth. That cuts down on CPU usage and improves battery life.

That suspension frees up RAM, makes the app you’re using at the moment perform better, and reduces the load on your battery.

Unfortunately, Appriority isn’t an automatic setup. You’ll need to tell Appriority which apps you want to suspend, but they’ll typically be the apps you use most.


The Preferences will display the top 10 CPU load apps on your Mac. Simply add the ones you want Appriority to manage. And, of course, you can delete an app from the list.

Another negative is that Appriority must be running for it to work. When it does, apps you’re not using are suspended. Quit the app and memory and battery usage returns to normal.

Apppriority worked perfectly on my MacBook Pro at home, but on the office MacBook Air, which I take everywhere, and often needs to be recharged, a few apps would hang– notably Google Chrome– but your mileage may vary.


  1. As a reviewer you have a minimal journalistic responsibility. Your last sentence “and often needs to be recharged, a few apps would hang– notably Google Chrome– but your mileage may vary” is obscure (how do you recharge an app) nonspecific (what exactly is hang and what apps?-is this a bug? and what did the developer have to say about the problem?) and glib (how will my “milage” vary)

    Can the app be added to your startup items? Does it become a pain when you do this? And most important, is the app actually useful and to whom would it be handy.
    Thousands of people will either waste or invest time in your comments. Be a pro and a credit to the profession.

    Editor’s Note: It seems rather clear that the MacBook needs to be charged frequently, not the app. ‘Hang’ is a common term among experienced computer users and usually refers to an app or system which has stopped responding. The app mentioned in the article is Google Chrome. ‘Your mileage may vary’ usually refers to varying experiences per person. Additional comments are available here.