An Oldie But A Goodie Is Back And Reborn As A Live Webcam App For Mac

SlotchCamIn the early days of the internet we browsers were treated to live and nearly-live webcams from locations all over the world.

Today there are more webcams than you can imagine and many feature photos every minute or so, but some provide live streaming video. When Dashboard Widgets came to OS X one of the first to grace my Mac’s screen was SlothCam.

It’s baaack! And this time SlotchCam has grown up as a full fledged Mac app with options, including syncing to the iOS version.

SlothCam Mac

If you’re expecting SlothCam for the Mac to be oh so much more than the SlothCam Dashboard Widget, you’ll be disappointed. There’s a nice fullscreen mode. And, you can add and delete custom webcams from different websites around the world.

Though it’s a bit limited in features, SlothCam for Mac will sync with SlothCam for iOS using iCloud.

What would make SlothCam great is an option to become a traveling nanny cam, or worker cam, which tracks children in daycare or workers in the office.

I’d pay another dollar for that.