Friday, December 14, 2012

100 Ways To Love And Lust For The Mac’s Top Camera Utility App For 2012

CameraBagWhen it comes to nominating and selecting my Top Mac App for 2012, the criteria I use is rather pedestrian.

I prefer apps that have value, lots of utility and capability, and don’t cost much.

The Mac App Store has come of age and the competition for customer eyeballs seems intense. So, simply put, I selected what I use.

The iPhone means a camera goes wherever I go, so it’s natural to put a photography app on top of my list. CameraBag for Mac comes with over 100 built-in styles and filters to apply to your digital photos.

Mix and match styles and filters to create unique enhancements. Built in are over two dozen photographic tools, with fully adjustable controls, all of which are easily accessed from the sidebar or control panel.

CameraBag Controls

The presets are so wicked fast to add to a photo that you can see the results before your select and apply the filters.

CameraBag Filters

Edits and enhancements to valued photo are completely non-destructive. You won’t be editing an original.

Slider controls give you virtually infinite options for each function. All the basics are included, too– exposure changes, color correction, cropping, styles and filters.

CameraBag handles RAW format and metadata, uses Quick Look to hover and preview a photo up close before making changes.

Negatives? Yes. The presets are good, but I find myself in trial-and-error mode more than I like. Why? It’s simply fun to play around and trying the settings when overlaying filters and styles.

If you could only have one new photo enhancement app on your Mac, and you can’t afford Photoshop and the two years it takes to learn how to use it, try CameraBag instead. Unfortunately, there’s no try-before-you-buy option, but you won’t need it.