One Mac App. 1,000 Hidden Features And Functions Unlocked Or Tweaked

MacPilotIs your Mac boring? No, seriously. Has the Mac become predictable and familiar?

Too familiar? Has that new car smell worn off? Does your Mac need a facelift?

Here’s the app that can transform OS X and give you access to hundreds of features and functionality you didn’t know existed, but that Apple does, and they hid it all from their customers. The app that unlocks those hundreds of features is MacPilot. It mucks with OS X and a bunch of apps to give you feature enhancements.

How does it work? Settings. Hundreds and hundreds of settings that can be enabled, disabled, or tweaked.


When compared to all the other Mac tweaking tools, MacPilot’s laundry list of tweaks is, well, longer.

There are tools that can be enabled, such as erasing the browser icon cache. MacPilot has file browsing settings, including the simple one to toggle file visibility from invisibility.

It features settings for Contacts, Aperture, Safari, system logs, the Dock, Disk Utility, fonts, Calendar, iTunes, Keynote, and many other apps, both from Apple and third party developers.

MacPilot is one of my favorite tweaking apps, and the price tag is nominal. That’s the good news. The bad news is the annual upgrade policy for future versions. You don’t have to upgrade each year, of course, but there’s an extra charge for next year’s version.