How To Tame Your Mac’s Wild And Wooly And Crazy Cluttered Menubar

BartenderThe proliferation of apps for Mac users has resulted in a growing problem. It’s the Mac’s Menubar. As we add utilities and tools and alarms and alerts to the Menubar the clutter goes wild. Sometimes, Menubar apps disappear because the Mac’s screen isn’t wide enough to handle all the apps.

Why doesn’t Apple do something about the mess in the Menubar? Apple executives are too busy counting their stock options to worry about something so mundane as customer satisfaction, so leave it an enterprising Mac app developer to provide the fix that Apple doesn’t.

If your Mac’s Menubar is crowded with apps, use Bartender to tidy up the mess, add some personal control to which apps go where, and add another drop down menu of all the apps that don’t seem to fit.

See what Bartender does?


This handy app gives you control over which apps and utilities are displayed in the Mac’s Menubar, then, gives you another drop down Menubar, kind of a sub-menubar, where you can place the less frequently used Menubar apps.

More Bartender

You can control the Bartender Menubar by moving it left or right below the Mac’s Menubar. Built-in controls give you options for which apps go where, so you have complete control over the main Menubar and the sub-menubar.

Keep the Menubar in order, totally minimalist, or more condensed with just those apps you want to use the most. This is the only Mac app that does what Mac users have craved for years. Clean up and manage the Menubar.