Add A Virtual USB Key With Password Protection To Hide And Protect Files

MySafeHow do you hide files and folders on your Mac? Most of us don’t even bother. The most security we have is a password protected screensaver, or a password and username at login.

Once your Mac is up and running and you step away, all files are available to anyone who walks by. What you need is a simple way to hide files and folders from prying eyes. MySafe is one of many apps that do just that, but this one is free.

It works more or less like a protected USB flash drive, complete with password protection, except it’s secret storage right on your Mac, but out of the way from Spotlight or Finder searches.

Setting up MySafe is a bit odd as you’re forced to walk through a lengthy number of steps to create the storage (including size, name, password), and add files and folders.


MySafe will prompt you for the password each time you attempt to access files. If the password is incorrect, MySafe will snap a photo using a Mac’s built-in iSight camera and email it to you.

MySafe files can be dropped into Dropbox for online storage and synchronization between Macs.

While MySafe works well, it’s an odd duck among the multitude of simple file security apps. Like MySafe on Facebook to activate the free license (too many hoops to jump through for free). There’s no encryption, no menus, no tabs, and no standard preferences, and the usage is so strange as to not evoke a sense of security when using MySafe.