6 Ways To Love The Affordable All-in-One Mac Photo Enhancement App

Great PhotoAt least half the photos the Mincey family takes in a year come between Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Family gatherings, friends and parties, office parties and co-workers all combine to create a veritable feast of photographic opportunities.

What do we do with all those photos? First, they go into iPhoto or Aperture (Jesse the former, me the latter). Then we whip out our respective go-to apps to enhance the best photos and make them available as printed gifts, or share via email or Facebook.

If you’re intimidated by all the filters and effects in most photo enhancement apps, try Great Photo. This affordable Mac app gives you six minimal click options to improve your photos.

One-Click Enhance: Dull, fuzzy, overly exposed photos become attractive with a click. This is the best one-click tool ever.

Effects & Frames: The palette is loaded with filters and effects, but you’ll like the frames, too.

HDR: Every app that claims to do HDR meets with the critical eye of the beholder. Great Photo is no different. It enhances shadows and highlights but you’ll really need three shots of the same scene to make it work.

Photo controls are straightforward and ring the image in toolbar and palette.

Great Photo Controls

Great Photo looks and feels more or less like every other Mac photo enhancement app. It’s the stack of features that set it apart.

Big Aperture: This turns point and shoot camera photos into images that appear to come from DSLRs which have better depth of field and enhanced focus options.

Color Splash: Need more color in dull and lifeless photos? One click to bring out a specific color in an object.

Collage: Photos can be combined into a collage frame– template, photo stitching, or free form.

One-Click Share: Of course, sharing is included. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more.

You can find a few Mac photos apps which are priced less, but none that offer the same level of useful features.