Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Better Way To Switch Between Apps And Windows On Your Mac (save time, stimulate the economy)

WitchHow do you switch from one app to another on your Mac? “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Click on an app’s icon in the Dock, and presto-changeo, you switch to that app. Easy, right? And free. The Mac also specializes in a simple keystroke combo to switch from app to app. Press the Command-Tab keys, and up pops a little horizontal menu of your open apps. Click the one you want, and presto-changeo again.

Both methods work well and don’t cost a dime. But both are boring and inefficient; requiring extra thought and motion to switch to a different app. And, you’re still required to find a specific open window in each app the old fashioned way. Manually.

Mac ingenuity to the rescue. Witch does the switch better. It’s faster, easier, and more precise.

Witch gives you options you never thought you needed, including the option to focus on a specific window when you switch (that saves time and motion).

Assign a keystroke combo to Witch and use it to switch apps instead of the Mac’s version (Command+Tab). This is what you get.

Witch Options

That alone is worth the price of admission.

But what if you can’t tell from the list of windows within an app what the contents of the window really is?

Hold the selection for a couple of seconds, and Witch pops up a Preview of the app’s window so you’ll know exactly what to switch to (or, not).

You get complete control of Witch’s looks, too. Use the built-in preset designs, or change the background color, or the size of the icons in the switch bar.

What if you love Command+Tab and don’t want to learn a new keystroke combo? Never fear. Witch will simply replace the Mac’s Command+Tab option and give you the Witch menu instead.

Witch is easy for Mac newbies or experience Mac users. Keyboard shortcuts abound, so you get more efficiency without having to use mouse or trackpad.

Get your Mac geek on with preference configurations gone wild.

Witch Configurations

Don’t worry about all the settings options. Start using Witch by having it replace the Mac’s Command+Tab. Then, add more functions as you need them. Great app. Useful. Efficient. Modestly priced.