Monday, March 5, 2012

Have Mac, Will Graph Data For Free (with a free app)

GraphOne trick ponies are rare in the software world. It seems that no Mac app is truly complete until it does email. What does it say about an app that does basically one thing, does it well, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? It’s even better if said app is free. That’s Graph. You give it data. Graph gives you a graph. It’s that simple.

For most of us, graphing of data is handled in one of two Mac apps. Microsoft Excel or Apple’s iWork app, Numbers. I can’t say that graphing data in either Excel or Numbers is difficult, but the number of options can be mind boggling and cumbersome if you’re not graphic data every day of the week.

Graph, while free, isn’t much different. It takes your data, whatever it is, and drops it into a spreadsheet. A few clicks later and you’ll have a graph.

What kinds of graphs? 1D, 2D, 3D, bar, column, pie, line, scatter, area, 3D perspective, volumetric, linear, semi-log and x-log and log-log and r-log, polar and more.


Graph is sophisticated enough to let you paste data from your Mac’s clipboard, or pull down from another source. You can click and drag graphs to scan data or rate the graph.

Click and hover the mouse pointer over data on the graph to display the value. Or, get all graph jiggly with an esoteric view of data.


What’s the price of free?

It’s free. Plus a few built-in ads for services from the developer. So, if Excel or Numbers don’t cut it because you don’t have the numbers to pay for those commercial apps, try the free app that graphs.