How To Give Your Mac Multiple Sound Volume Controls For Each App

SoundBunnyMy Mac is connected to a small USB audio mixer which is connected to an amplified which is connected to a couple of very large speakers. I likes me some loud sound when playing iTunes music or videos. The problem with this luxurious setup? When email rolls into my Mac the alert sound is so loud that it scares neighborhood children and sends pets scurrying for cover. Isn’t there a way we can control sound volume on a per app basis? Yep. There’s an app for that.

Common Sense Meet SoundBunny

This is a no brainer app that’s remarkably simple to use, and highly useful. SoundBunny gives you control over the volume output on a per app basis.

Think about it. You want iTunes to be loud, but Mail to be soft. You want iChat at a higher volume than Safari.

How easy is this?

SoundBunny Controls

Controls are self explanatory. Move the sound volume slider bar to the left or right, to decrease sound or increase sound.

That’s it. Each app gets a slider and you control the volume on a per app basis.

Why isn’t this built in to OS X already?


  1. Sweet! Nice, clear review of a useful program.

  2. You’re right, especially about the part that it should be built into the Mac OS!

    It could also be useful in Apple’s iOS and all the i-devices!