Remember Apple’s iCards? Try Fun Card Studio

Fun Card StudioOne of the better features of Apple’s early online efforts was iCards. Think of it as email postcards with a wide variety of cards for every occasion.

iCards was great in its day. Fast. Easy. Free. iCards is no more. Apple kinda sorta brought it back with the Cards app for the iPhone, but it pales in comparison. So, I looked around to see what apps clever Mac developers have come up with since the glory days of iCards. Honestly, there’s not much. The best appears to be Fun Card Studio.

It’s still a variety of cards that use email for delivery, but the selection and creative capability is worth a look and the price is almost right. Not quite free.

iCards to Fun Card Studio

The cards are attractive and varied and easy to customize for nearly any photo and for nearly any occasion.

Fun Cards

You control almost everything. The background, message, postage mark, and photo can be resized and moved around on the card.

Choose from the built-in card designs or customize a card and save it for use later.

Cards can be exported into iPhoto and shared with iPad and iPhone, or uploaded to Facebook or Flickr.

Everything about the interface is self explanatory, though with wide screen Macs there’s no reason Fun Card Studio cannot be a Full Screen app in OS X Lion. Floating palettes are so 1999.

Fun Card Studio Interface

Fun Card Studio is inexpensive but there’s no try-before-you-buy option. Yes, it’s Mac App Store only.