Free: Step One To Check And Troubleshoot A Wonky Mac


It does not happen as often as it did back in the day, but even today’s sophisticated and powerful Macs can get all wonky, and for a variety of reasons. From power supply to CPU, from RAM to motherboard, and all the parts in between, today’s Macs are complicated, complex beasts of burden, and when … Read More »

What Every Mac Geek Needs More Of: Yet Another Text Editor


My Mac is home to more than a few digital collections. Music, photos, movies, TV shows, games, (particularly anything to do with poker), backup apps, and text editors. Every Mac geek probably has a collection of text editors; one of which is used most of the time, another some of the time, yet another occasionally, … Read More »

I Like This Mac Alarm Clock Exactly The Way I Like My Women

Alarm Clock Pro

OK, boys and girls, guys and dolls, it’s Friday, and that means it’s time to have some fun, courtesy of tongue planted firmly in cheek. Why? It’s Friday, and since I couldn’t find a Freebie app to match the occasion, I decided to go in the opposite direction. I like a Mac alarm clock app … Read More »

Why Do Mac Users Buy This App?


I believe strongly in everyone’s right to ‘different strokes for different folks.’ If you want to use Windows or Linux PCs instead of Macs, fine. Choices are a good thing and competition helps to make the computing business better for everyone. Alright, that said, I have to wonder how it is and why people still … Read More »

How To Control iTunes And Get Lyrics On A Mac At The Same Time


The iPhone makes music portable but music on the Mac brings a couple of different flavors not found on devices in the pocket. First up, my Mac running iTunes and connected to a whopping honking speaker system is to die for. It’s one thing to hear music, but it’s something else again to feel it … Read More »

Bored With The Mac’s Dock? Customize It With This Free Dock Utility


Who doesn’t love the Dock in OS X? Alright, let me rephrase that. Who wouldn’t like to have a few more customization options on OS X, including the Dock? Better, right? Apple as the 21st century’s curator for those with taste in technology arbitrarily decrees that customization of a personal computer must be limited to, … Read More »

A Cheap App Every Mac User Needs


Life is complicated and getting more so almost everyday. The number of things vying for our personal attention seems to be increasing daily, but we’re still stuck with only 24 hours in a day. The complexities of modern life have given birth to a number of methods, processes, and procedures to help us cope, get … Read More »

Why Your iPad Is Collecting Dust

iPhone 6

Pardon my headline, but I thought I would take a few moments to join the technorati elite and cough up an eye catching title that totally belies the content of an insightful article. It’s all the rage these days. To hear the media pundits tell it, Apple’s iPhone 6 is causing iPad owners to leave … Read More »