Got Stuff? Try The Mac App That Tracks Your Stuff Item By Item

MYStuff Pro

Got Stuff? Most of us have more stuff than we know what to do with. Here’s a Mac app that most of us need, and most of us don’t want to have anything to do with (there’s effort involved). I’m talking home inventory. That’s what MYStuff Pro does. It’s a Mac home inventory app. Whew. … Read More »

DwellClick: It’s How To Control Your Mac Without A Click


Have you ever uttered something similar to this common phrase? “If computers are so smart, how come they don’t know what I want to do?” It’s easy to understand the sentiment. Computers just do what we tell them to do. There are times when, Mac or Windows PC, we want the computer to do something … Read More »

How To Create Your Own Spam On A Mac

HTML Mailer

There once was a time when I was a soccer mom. That was back in the day. The kids are in high school and college so they can make their own way. That gives me a little more me time, and that presents a problem. Once your friends find out you have more free time … Read More »

The Crazy Cool Thing You Can Do With App Windows On A Mac


Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something. Every now and then I run into a Mac utility that does something that’s actually useful, and which has good intent, but accomplishes it an odd way. Take WindowMizer for the Mac. This interesting utility helps to reduce screen clutter; that mess of … Read More »

Free: A Task And Reminders App For The Mac’s Menubar


One of these days Apple’s vaunted software engineers will clean up OS X’s Menubar. Until that happens I’ve setup a reminder to remind Apple of the need to build reminders into the Menubar. Soon. Until they respond, I guess I’ll have to use MenuMinder, the free Reminders-like app that lives in the Menubar and handles … Read More »

The Perfect Gift For Mac Newbies: An App To Manage OS X’s Launchpad


Call this the passing of a generation. Apple put an iOS-like Launchpad on the Mac a few years ago. I don’t know a single Mac user with 10 years of experience that also uses OS X’s Launchpad. Think of the icons on your iPhone and iPad but filling up the entire screen. That’s Launchpad. They … Read More »

One More Level Of Mac Security: Password Protect Your Apps


Every week seems to bring news of another computer with credit cards and email addresses that’s been hacked. Is it a wonder we’ve become a society of paranoids? If everyone is out to get what belongs to you, then who can you trust? So far, Apple has done a decent job protecting customers, but most … Read More »

Save Battery Power And CPU By Taming Wayward Apps On Your Mac

App Tamer

Just when you think you have enough battery power left, the Mac’s fan comes on, blasting away to cool down the CPU to keep it from melting your Mac. What’s going on? The likely culprit– the one that drains battery and heats up the CPU which causes the fan to come on which drains the … Read More »