What Safari Needs That Works Better In Firefox And Chrome


Every Mac user I know has one thing in common. We open extra browser tab windows while browsing the web. The way I do it is simple. Grab a bookmark in a tab, open a new tab, repeat until a dozen or so tabs with websites are open on my browser. What’s the problem? All … Read More »

Free: Yet Another Easy Way To Backup Critical Files On Your Mac

Get Backup

Almost any Mac app that backs up your files is better than no backup plan at all. The real issue for most Mac users is what app to use, and how many different ways to plan backups. For me, I’ve been using the time honored Mac clone system (SuperDuper! works) to an external disk drive, … Read More »

Free: Thumbnail Photos On A Mac


Some app utilities are simply a no brainer. Take photo thumbnails. How do you get them? why do you want them? For me, free is good and that’s the ThumbsUp app for the Mac. It’s a simple way to create thumbnails of your photos, perfect for uploading to websites or sharing with others, or putting … Read More »

Uh oh. A Free ‘Office-like’ Clone For Mac Users Is No Longer So Free


When is free and open source not so free? When it comes with a price tag. This is a story I’ve ready before. Remember when the open source FTP app CyberDuck was free? If you want to get it from the Mac App Store it comes with a hefty price tag. NeoOffice, the once free … Read More »

A New, Easier, Faster Way To Switch To Apps Or Launch Apps On A Mac


How does a typical Mac user switch between open apps? The tried and true way is by pointing the screen pointer to Dock and the app to switch to, right? Mac power users who love to keep their hands on the keyboard will use another time honored method. Command-Tab. That brings up the OS X … Read More »

Snail Mail Lives With This Cheaper Address Label Designer App

Address Label Designer

If there’s one thing living on the internet has taught us in 20 years it’s that the more things change the more they stay the same. Take postal services and delivery services as an example. They’re still around, still shipping boxes and letters, and we still need stamps and labels. For Mac users who need … Read More »

Clean Your Mac With A Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Every Mac could stand a little housecleaning. Over the weeks and months and years we Mac users accumulate plenty of cruft and crud; files we don’t need, apps that don’t get used, cache files that take up space. Most of us have language files on our Macs for languages we don’t even speak. Between file … Read More »

How Many Ways Can You Sync Files On A Mac? Here’s One Way To Sync


It’s not even fair to ask the question, “How Many Ways Can You Sync Files On A Mac?” Why? There are too many to count. The basic ways are easy. Drag and drop. Select a bunch of files in a folder and drag them to a folder on an external disk, or another Mac, and … Read More »