Passwords? ‘We Don’t Need No More Stinkin’ Password Managers!’

Vault Password Manager

What’s as popular on the Mac as word processor or a notes app or photo enhancement app? Check around and you’ll see a growing popularity with password managers. Yes, friends and neighbors, I came across yet another Mac password manager app this week and while we may have grown tired of all the password managers … Read More »

How To Turn Your iPad Into An External Display For A Mac

Duet for Mac

Every now and then someone comes along with a new idea, a way to make something good even better, a new take on an old idea. That’s Duet, a free Mac app that turns an iPad into an external display for the Mac, specifically the MacBook line of notebooks where a little extra screen real … Read More »

Cheap: A Mac Unit Converter App On PEDs


Unit converters for the Mac are a dime a dozen. Maybe less. Maybe all the way up to a few dollars. All simple to use. All convert much the same way. Converter is at the high end of unit conversion apps on the Mac and comes with a list of options not found in Apple’s … Read More »

Try A Firefox Browser That’s Faster Than Firefox (probably)


The business model that surrounds free applications tends to escape my understanding. As to web browsers for the Mac, that I understand. Search engines pay the browser folks (except maybe for Google which probably does not pay itself when you use Chrome to search Google) so there’s a monetary incentive. How else can one explain … Read More »

Free: How To Block The Mac’s Sleep Mode


An age old saying heard often in our neck of the woods just outside of Atlanta is, “How many ways can you skin a cat?” The implication is that you can find many ways to do something that’s simple (not sure how simple skinning a cat would be; I think it’d be messy, and I’m … Read More »

Translucent Is Real Time Mac System Information Every Mac User Needs


One of the habits that separates the average Mac user from the slightly geeky Mac power user wannabe is the amount of time we spend focusing on system information. If you keep Activity Monitor running on your Mac all the time then you know what I mean. If you don’t, it’s OK to move along, … Read More »

Phone Calls: Do Differently What The Mac Already Does


Here’s the tale of a Mac app that struggles to Think Different™ to justify the tiny price tag. It’s called DockPhone. Can you guess what it does? DockPhone is a Mac app that works with your iPhone so you can make phone calls from the Mac. Wait. What? Doesn’t iOS 8.x and OS X 10.10.x … Read More »

An Age Old Mac App That Truly, Madly, Deeply Thinks Different About Outlines


Think back to the glory days of yesteryear, when you were young, uneducated, and unafraid of the world staring you in the face. Remember outlines? Of course you do. Outlines were a writing and organizing tool forced onto unsuspecting minds by the teaching establishment to help us learn how to think before we wrote, how … Read More »