uBar: It’s How To Make Your Mac Look And Work Like Windows


Too much of my day– the part where I get paid for the work I do– is divvied up between my trusty MacBook Air, a Linux desktop, and now a Windows notebook. It’s easy to guess which one I prefer, but to be fair, all three major platforms– OS X, Linux, and Windows– have something … Read More »

Notes In The Mac’s Menubar The Way Apple Should Do It

NotesTab Pro

For Mac users, Apple’s own apps are often best of breed. What’s better than Garageband? Who does email better than Mail? iMovie is free and you have to spend big bucks to do better. On the other side of the coin, some of Apple’s built-in Mac apps are lame. Notes is high on that list. … Read More »

A Text Editor For The Confused Writer Who Loves Buzzwords


As a certified card-carrying Mac geek, I collect certain kinds of applications. Poker. Calculators. Text editors. Recently I came across a modestly priced Mac app which bills itself as a text editor, of which I have a growing collection. Unfortunately, my view of reality clashed with Leafnote, which is more of a mini-word processor, or … Read More »

Finally, A Better Mac Calculator

Magic Number

If you’ve been reading Boomer long then you know I have a few hand-me-down genes; lovingly referred to by my wife as ‘crazy assed vices.’ High on the list is the Mincey requirement to play poker every week. And collection Mac utilities which usually break the six-month rule (if you don’t use it in six … Read More »

iUse iTrash To Uninstall Apps On My iMac Because iCan


One of the inherent benefits of being a long-time Mac user is the number of apps that cross my Desktop; not just those I review for Boomer. That means I find some gems, get to toss crummy apps, and every so often need to clean my Mac by uninstalling apps. For years my favorite Mac … Read More »

How A Mac Can Cut, Copy, And Paste Just Like iPhone And An iPad


Amazingly, it took Apple a few years to get cut, copy, and paste onto the iPhone, but when it came, it was the best implementation of the time honored functions we all use. How would you like to have iPhone-like cut, copy, and paste on your Mac? Wait. Doesn’t the Mac already have cut, copy, … Read More »

Cheap: Yet Another Way To Track Your Money On A Mac


If you’re at all like most folks, you already know the obvious. There’s usually too much month left over at the end of our money. Where did the money go? Who’s watching the expenses? Is there an app for that? Well, yes, dear Mac user. Beyond Quicken and the dozen or two or three Quicken-wannabe … Read More »

Mac Geeks: ’1996 Called And They Want Their RAM Disk Back’

RAMDisk Manager

Back in the day, as in, say, the last century, RAM disks were all the rage among the Mac and Windows PC faithful. Think of a RAM disk as another way to store or copy files on your Mac. A RAM disk uses the Mac’s RAM– random access memory– but is far, far faster than … Read More »