Control Fans On A Mac With This App

Macs Fan Control

With great power comes great responsibility. That’s what every super hero hears from a wise old loved one or the one who granted powers to a new super hero. One aspect about the Mac that has always bothered me is the number of fans. The Mac Pro is down to one very large fan. The … Read More »

More Ways To Be Mac Power User


There’s an interesting paradox going on with the Mac these days. OS X is being dumbed down– visually; to work more like iOS on iPhone and iPad. All the while, OS X gets more functionality and interoperability than ever. A good example is what separates the average Mac user from the Mac power user. It’s … Read More »

What To Do When All You Want To Do Is Sync This To That On Your Mac

Sync Folders Pro

Syncing files from here to there is common among Mac users. There are many ways to sync files, starting with drag and drop to copy a folder of files, and ending with a complete bootable clone ala Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! Somewhere in between there’s a comfortable middle ground that makes it easy to … Read More »

This Is The One Must-Have Feature In Any Mac Notes App For Mac, iPhone, iPad


Mac, iPhone, and iPad users have been inundated with notes applications in recent years. Some are nearly full featured word processors in disguise. Others are minimalistic, bare bones notes apps with so few features you wonder how there can be a price tag. In between are all sorts of notes taking applications. When friends, family, … Read More »

Mac Backup To Go Is Almost Free

Backup To Go

If there is anything more important than backing up the files on your Mac then I don’t know what it is. This scenario should motivate you to have a multi-pronged backup system. You turn your Mac on to start the day, and nothing happens. No chime. No Apple logo. No Finder. Nothing. Your Mac’s disk … Read More »

Try The Mac’s Mobile Bandwidth Monitor


MacBook road warriors know all the tricks of the traveling-with-your-Mac trade. How to conserve battery usage. How to find free Wi-Fi hotspots. Which apps are OK to run while on battery or while using your iPhone as the internet connection. One set of cool features I’d like to see employed in OS X are already … Read More »

The Best Value In Mac Word Processors Is Free

Growly Write

Word processors for the Mac are a dime a dozen. Sometimes less. Sometimes much, much more; especially those minimalist distraction free word processors with few features and a hefty price tag. What’s the best value in Mac word processors? TextEdit on your Mac is free, but very limited in standard word processor features. Apple’s Pages … Read More »

A Free Battery Tool Your MacBook Doesn’t Need (but you’ll want anyway)

Battery Monitor

Apple’s Watch is destined to be a big hit and a multi-billion dollar product line. Why? Because you need it, right? Nope. But try it and you’ll want it. So it is with MacBook users with discriminating taste. How do you check your Mac notebook’s battery level? Apple provides a little battery status indicator in … Read More »