Thank You, Lord, For Yet Another Code Snippets App For My Mac’s Snippets

Code Snippet

As a registered, certified, bona fide, card carrying Mac geek, I’ve saved more than my fair share of code snippets through the years. That also means I’ve tried about every code snippet app on the Mac market, and they all do two things; the same things, but only one really ticks me off. The first … Read More »

Got Sleepy Disks Connected To Your Mac? Fix The Sleepers With This Free App

Keep Drive Spinning

Here’s a problem I do not have at work or while I’m on the road with my Mac, but it’s an annoying bugaboo when I’m working on my Mac at home. Not all external disk drives are created equal. Some sleep, some don’t, but when they sleep it’s always at the wrong time so when … Read More »

Does Anyone Besides Apple’s Customers Care About Security, Privacy, And Malware?

Android Malware

Every now and again we’re treated to a headline that claims OS X or iOS are at the top of the list for reported vulnerabilities. That might scare some people to believe that Macs, iPhones, and iPads are just like their Windows and Android cousins (distant cousins, second class, once removed, non-kissing variety). As is … Read More »

Microsoft Office Is Dying Because, You Know, ‘Office’ Apps Are Free


Earlier in the week I declared The Death of the Personal Database on the Mac. A few readers were not quite ready to accept my prognosis for database apps and found a few which still exist, but let’s be honest. When was the last time anyone created a database from scratch? Those apps are dinosaurs. … Read More »

Free: How To Remove Duplicate Email Messages In OS X’s Mail App

Remove Duplicate

Most of us already know that the killer app of the internet era is email. No, not because we like email. It’s the killer app because we hate it so much that our rage and anger and anxiety could kill us (at the very least email causes blood pressure to rise). So, what would you … Read More »

How To Make Mac Files And Folders Invisible, Then Visible Again


There is a time honored security method used throughout the world, and in use for about as long as humankind has had something to hide. Out of sight, out of mind. In other words, if something isn’t easily found by thieves, it’s less likely to be stolen. That explains the clever cans of empty furniture … Read More »

A New Way To Drag And Drop, Fix Files, And Then Drag And Drop Again


One of the very first functions Mac and Windows PC users learn is drag and drop. Click and hold a file or folder, then drag it to wherever it needs to get. That’s a time honored way to move something from here to there. Except when it doesn’t work. No, it’s not drag and drop … Read More »

Yet Another Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Password Manager App


We live in interesting times; probably neither the best of times, nor the worst of times, but interesting nonetheless. For my first example, consider the need for passwords. The number of important sites I need which require me to have a username and password seems to have grown exponentially, which has spawned the growth of … Read More »