How To Check Your Grammar On A Mac


Who among the Mac faithful does not have a love hate relationship with OS X’s built-in spellchecker? I understand. For me, spellchecker is great because occasionally I make a spelling error and those little red squiggly lines remind me I need to think about what I just spelled out. With autocorrect turned on, the challenge … Read More »

How To Waste Time Having Fun On A Mac

Pinball Arcade

As much as I hate to admit it, I remember pinball games. No, not those for the iPad or iPhone, though they’re great for what they are. Cheap fun. No, I remember real pinball games with real pinballs, real bumpers, and the penalty for a bit too much tilt. Pinball is in the Mincey gene … Read More »

Mactracker: It’s All You Ever Wanted To Know About Any Apple Product


Wouldn’t it be a good thing to have a single source to dig up every fact available for every Apple product ever. All you need is Mactracker. The name belies what the app actually does. It’s not just the Mac. Mactracker started out as a repository for various Mac models, but since then covers in … Read More »

This Is The Kind Of Weather A Mac User Can Get For 99-cents


Weather is everywhere. So is weather information. It’s on TV, the radio, in newspapers, and especially prevalent on mobile devices, either through applications with alerts and alarms, or even with NOAA weather radar. My iPhone has five different weather apps; a couple for current conditions, one for weather alerts, and a couple more for long … Read More »

On Splitting Your Mac’s Screen And A Problem With The Mac App Store

Split Screen Pro

A few days ago I read about a Mac app which splits the screen in half. No, not the physical screen. The app, cleverly named Split Screen, resizes app windows to fit exactly half of the Mac’s screen. The value of screen splitting is obvious. Two app windows open together, side-by-side, so it’s easy to … Read More »

Not So Cheap: The Premier Advanced Mathematics App For Your Mac


One of the more interesting aspect os 20th century education was all the attention paid to mathematics that never got used. Yep, back in the day, this Mincey Man took high school and college classes in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. And, for what? Today I use a 99-cent calculator on my iPhone that does … Read More »

An Easier, Faster Way To Dual Boot Into Windows And Linux On A Mac

Boot Runner

There’s a reason you see so many professionals using a Mac these days. It’s almost the perfect ‘do everything’ machine. That’s right. Macs run OS X, most Linux distros, Windows, and various flavors of Unix. Sometimes all at the same time. Apple even provides Boot Camp so Mac users can dual boot from OS X … Read More »

A Professional Way To Browse Photos And Images On Your Mac


As the official Mincey Family Mac Administrator, I can tell you with great certainty that we members of the Georgia Mincey Clan have far too many digital photos. Many tens of thousands scattered between our respective Macs. What we started doing a few years ago is segregated the family and tourist photos from those that … Read More »