A Few Words About A Free Mac Utility Apple Needs To Put Into OS X


Mac users are not likely to find a shortage of cleverly designed utilities which add functionality or improve productivity in OS X. It’s the nature of progress. After plenty of Finder add-on utilities hit the market, Apple responded with a long list of improvements to the Finder (look how many years it took to get … Read More »

‘Everybody Else On Planet Earth Has An Opinion On This, So Here’s Mine’

Apple Watch

Typical Apple. All the technorati elite and market pundits clamor for years for Apple to make a new product category and when it does they immediately cry out, “No, not that!” That’s exactly the way it’s been with new Apple products for as long as I can remember, and I can remember so far back … Read More »

How To Get More Free Memory On A Mac


Many years ago I learned how to buy a new Mac. First, find the model you want. Second, get the maximum amount of RAM. Third, get the largest disk you can afford, preferably an SSD (solid state disk). For many years Macs just did not come with enough RAM. Today’s OS X isn’t such a … Read More »

A Crazy New Way To Do What You Didn’t Know Your Mac Could Do


One of the very first usable functions a Mac or Windows PC user learns is the venerable ‘drag and drop.’ We drag and drop files and folders. We drag and drop photos into email. We drag and drop all kinds of items on our Macs, but that’s about the extent of drag and drop. Drag. … Read More »

3 Steps To A Better Mac Backup Plan

Carbon Copy Cloner

Backup plans are a dime a dozen. Maybe less. What’s important is to have a backup plan for your Mac that works, covers any contingency, and does not require much maintenance. Here’s what I do in three basic steps. First, you’ll need to invest in a couple of external USB disk drives. Why? The idea … Read More »

What You Didn’t Know Skype Could Do On A Mac: Record Video And Audio

Call Recorder for Skype

Who doesn’t use Skype? It’s the ubiquitous Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android internet phone call app and system that also does video calls. There’s not much to not like about Skype. It’s mostly free. Almost everyone who’s online uses or has access to Skype. The bad news is that Skype is owned by Microsoft and … Read More »

Try The Mac App That Boosts Productivity, Reduces Eye Strain, Adds Focus


Color me somewhat jaded but when it comes to Mac apps, I’ve probably seen it all. If not all, most of it. If not most of it, then the surprise factor comes few and far between. So it is with a little pleasant surprise that I introduce a clever Mac app that can help to … Read More »

An Easy Way To Get More Money By Using Your Mac To Make Invoices


In a tough, competitive economic environment people get creative and come up with new ways to make a little extra money. If you do some work on the side then you need to send out a bill so you get paid. There’s no shortage of accounting or invoicing systems that run on the Mac, but … Read More »