A Few Words On Text Editors And Snippets

Text Tools

Most of the folks I work with each day use text editors. Not word processors. Text editors that, well, edit text; the kind programmers and web developers use to create code. Text editors are like religion and word processors. Everyone has a reason why their’s is best, and getting someone to switch is much like … Read More »

What You Don’t Usually Need To Do Is Now Easily Done On Your Mac


Here’s a blast from the past. Remember file extensions? Of course not. You’re a Mac user. But if you remember DOS or came from Windows, file extensions were the norm. Interestingly enough, file extensions are the norm on the Mac, too, but Apple prefers to hide them in OS X, because, you know, Apple. If … Read More »

Got Boot Camp And Windows On Your Mac? Here’s How To Back It Up


By night I’m a couch potato. By day I fight computer problems with a trusty Mac. And, yes, it runs Windows, too; specifically Boot Camp. I can do that because the world is infested with Windows PCs and many users need my help. I can do it on a Mac because Apple was courageous enough … Read More »

How To Sync Browser Bookmarks Between Safari, Chrome, And Firefox


Pardon me for the candor, but I have this long running love hate relationship with browser bookmarks that goes all the way back to Yahoo! as the web’s first prominent search engine. Try to imagine how many browser bookmarks I’ve collected, Mac and Windows PC, since the dawn of the public internet age back in … Read More »

Mac Disk Drive Sleeps Too Much? Give It A Little Disksomnia


If you’re a Mac user with external disk drives that you use to clone your Mac, backup files, or to run Time Machine, then you know what happens when one of those drives falls asleep. Spinning beach ball. Or, dialog boxes which take forever to open while your Mac waits for the external disk drive … Read More »

A Few Words On The Mac Browser Wars


There once was a time when I feared for browsers on the Mac. Netscape was dying, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was terrible, and Firefox was in its infancy. Then, out of the blue, Apple launched Safari, and that launched the 21st century browser wars which culminated in the Golden Age of Mac browsers. Golden Age? Yes. … Read More »

A Free Way To Get Stuff Done On A Mac


One of my responsibilities as the neighborhood’s unpaid Mac guru is to recommend applications to others. Assuming you’ve done the same thing then you know the dangers of a recommendation. My basic philosophy is to recommend only those Mac apps I’d use myself or recommend to family; knowing the basic customer support obligations that come … Read More »

How To Fix The Mac’s Menubar Mess

MenuBar ReArranger

Much of my day is devoted to slaving over a hot MacBook Air keyboard. No, the keyboard isn’t really hot to the touch, but I’m pounding keys hard enough to make them think they’re under attack. MacBook Air equals small Menubar space. We recently added a 27-inch iMac to the Mincey household as sort of … Read More »