Free: A Multimedia File Inspector For Macs


You know what they say, right? “Curiosity killed the cat.” While not wanting to associate myself with felines (I prefer dogs and lizards; wife likes cats and fish) or death, a little curiosity goes a long way. So, dear Mac user with a curiosity gene, you can dig into multimedia files and extract all the … Read More »

Hardly Anyone Needs This Free Mac Utility, But If You Do, You Love It


My Mac is graced with a utility app that I’m certain isn’t used by one out of a thousand Mac users. Every now and again I run into a utility that speaks to me. In this case, it was instant love; love at first sight, a relationship made in the digital heavens. If you need … Read More »

If Only This Mac App Had An iPhone Version


Late last year a friend reviewed a Mac app called Together and asked me to check it out. I did not. If you’re like me you’re swimming in applications that do a little of what you want but not everything. Here’s one of those apps. It’s called… add the drum roll here… Together. Let me … Read More »

If You Take Notes, Buy This App


Nearly everyone those days takes notes. If it’s not a to-do list, it’s actual meeting or lecture notes. From Mac to iPhone to iPad, Apple makes the best devices to gather, store, organize information. That means we have many options to take notes. If you’re a serious notes hound, whether you use iPhone, iPad, or … Read More »

Paranoid? Delete Different. Destroy Files On Your Mac With The Shred App


If everyone is out to get your private data and security is a dream of the past, then a little paranoia is a good attitude to have. How do you delete files on your Mac? If you drag and drop them to the Trash can and select Empty Trash from the Finder menu, well, guess … Read More »

Cheap: 3D Plus Weather Equals MeteoEarth


Humans are an interesting species. We can scour the heavens and observe billions times billions of galaxies and star systems, but we can’t fix the common cold. We can find particles so small there is discussion whether they exist at all, but we can’t figure out whether a politician is lying or not (hint: if … Read More »

Free Safari Extension: Get Mac Website Browsing Sessions Back

Safari Restore

Safari is my main browser on the Mac. I keep it free of the notoriously corrupt Flash plugin, add only a few extensions which make browsing life tenable, and appreciate Apple’s attention to the basics (speed, rendering, and dependability). Except for one thing. I want to restore the previous browser window sessions after using Safari … Read More »

Use This Cheap And Easy App To Find And Create More Free Space On A Mac

Disk App

Mac storage is all about feast or famine. Or, rather, famine, feast, then famine again. Way back in the day disk storage was small in size and expensive if you needed larger storage. Worse, we Mac users (and PC users) were forced to prune files, archive files, compress files just to have enough storage to … Read More »