How To Delete Duplicate Files On A Mac


Way back in the day, in the yesteryear that was probably Mac OS X Lion, I stopped doing what I had done on my Mac for a decade or so. A clean install of the latest version of OS X. Lion installed nicely on top of Snow Leopard so I just never bothered with my … Read More »

Yoink: It’s A New Word For Mac Users To ‘Drag And Drop’ But Without The Drag


One of the first functions new Mac users learn is drag and drop (along side the Command key functions like copy-paste). We learn to drag and drop files on the Mac’s Desktop and within the Finder. Drag and drop is a time honored method to move or copy files from here to there, or to … Read More »

Try A ‘Tweener’ Screen Capture-To-Video Utility App On Your Mac


Tweener? Yes, as in between expensive and free. A tweener. One that does the job for less, but has more features than one that does some of the job for free. That’s Screenflick, a Mac screen capture-to-video utility app that captures whatever is running on your Mac’s screen and saves it as a video. Wait. … Read More »

How Microsoft Is Doing To Itself What It Did To You For A Few Decades


One could argue with much justification that Microsoft has benefited far more from Windows and Office than have the company’s hundreds of millions of users. I hesitate to call them customers because Windows and Office are not de facto standards in business as much by choice as by hook and crook. As an illegal monopoly … Read More »

Guess What? Your iPhone Is Slow And Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

Downloads & Uploads

The headline was intriguing. “Who Makes The Fastest Downloading Smartphones In The World? Hint: It’s not Apple.” Wait! What? How is it possible that the world’s largest maker of premium smartphones doesn’t have the one that downloads the fastest? Because it doesn’t matter how fast the phone can download or upload files. What matters is … Read More »

Yes, There Is Another Way To Clone Your Mac’s Disk To A Bootable Backup

Clone X

One of the absolute best things you can do for your Mac is to make a backup. How many ways or which way you back up your Mac is less important than the fact that you do, but one method that’s highly recommended among experienced users is the highly acclaimed clone. To clone a Mac’s … Read More »

How To Put Calendar Events And Reminders Where The Sun Don’t Shine


As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been using a Mac, working on a Mac, and know my way around Macs since way back in the last century. Through all those years I’ve learned a few things. Macs change. Mac users come in all shapes and sizes. Some users know their way around … Read More »

Do Mac Users Need Another Text Editor?


My Mac history goes a little farther back in time than I care to admit, and along the way to the 21st century I’ve collected more than my fair share of Mac text editors. It all started in the last century with BBEdit, still considered by many to be the best, and a reason in … Read More »